57 + 57 Football: Detroit Lions Regular Season Week 2

Detroit Lions LogoPack up the Skotch Plaid Cooler, 1957-fanatics, it’s tailgating-time! The official football team of 1957 Time Capsule this year is (drum roll, please) . . . the Detroit Lions!

Fifty-seven years ago, the Detroit Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns in the 1957 NFL Championship on December 29th (in chilly Detroit), by a whopping 59-14. The AFL didn’t exist until 1960 and the first Super Bowl was held in 1967. The National Football League Championship was truly the national championship throughout the fifties. Since our banner year, the Lions have won a total of one playoff game – in 1991 against the Dallas Cowboys. They’ve had plenty of chances over the years to vie for their division championship, but disappointment and defeat have deflated their Lion pride.

But this year will be different! Already the Lions are 4 and 1! After winning three of their four preseason games, Detroit’s finest in pads opened on September 8th by bringing down the New York Giants, 35-14, on Monday Night Football (do we still miss fifties-sports-figure Howard Cosell?). This Sunday, September 14th, the Lions go on the prowl for the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte. Lions and panthers may be related, but only one cat will end up king of the savanna. Game time? One o’clock Eastern, four o’clock Pacific.

And here’s an invitation to all true Detroit fans, loyal through the years. Send me your highlights from the game. We’ll follow the Lions through the fall, with interesting facts, bits of history, and your memories or keys moments from this season’s games. Leave a comment and then look for next week’s coverage.

Go Lions!


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